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"Nigeria needs a BOLD AND COURAGEOUS personality. Dr Nwachukwu Anakwenze is the man with BOLDNESS, COURAGE AND FEARLESSNESS That is the character of leadership Nigeria HOPES FOR"
  • Anakwenze is not a money bag like other politicians. Your support is for elimination of corruption and development of real security throughout Nigeria
  • Support a President that will focus on youth and women development and hands on empowerment and harness our natural resources for the benefit of all Nigerians
  • Support a President that will work aggressively towards creating a Nigeria would enjoy 24/7 electric and renewable energy. Solar, Wind and Biomass.
  • Support for a president that will create jobs and utilizing all the God given endowment for the good of Nigeria and Africans.
Unlike other candidates that have amassed our resources, Dr. Anakwenze's campaign will be funded by the masses because this campaign is about liberation of the maases from the known faces in Nigerian Politics.
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