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Dr Nwachukwu A. Anakwenze MD, MPH, MBA Physician, Farmer, Industrialist, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Traditional Prime Minister. Born in Irrua, Edo State, Nigeria on the 28th day of August , 1952. He is a native of Abagana town in Njikoka Local Govt of Anambra State, Nigeria Dr Anakwenze resides in California and Abagana, Anambra State, Nigeria. Dr Anakwenze is an experienced physician with an expansive wealth of knowledge, training, and experience in managing medical services, clinics, and independent physician associations n (IPAs) in large urban areas including greater Los Angeles area of California.

"Nigeria need a BOLD AND COURAGEOUS personality. Dr Nwachukwu Anakwenze is the man with BOLDNESS, COURAGE AND FEARLESSNESS That is the character of leadership Nigeria HOPES FOR"

A skillful administrator who has led many medical, cultural and civic and inter-ethnic groups and achieved great success in doing so. A visionary and strategic thinker who discovers opportunities to help humanity by creating services and industries to empower people, particularly the youths through job creation.

A unifier who has the penchant of bringing people (men and women) together from various ethnic groups and professional experiences to solve societal problems. A leader with strong morals and values who respects both cultural, religious and governmental institutions at all levels with a strong commitment to maintain respect and trust in the institutions.


Dr. Anakwenze holds an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) University of California, Irvine, 2007 MPH (Masters of Public Health) University of California, Los Angeles, 2005 MD (Doctor of Medicine), University of California, San Diego, 1982 B.SC (Bachelor of Science in Biology), California State University, San Diego, 1978 Internship: Baylor College of Medicine 1982- 19-83.

He is the CEO, Victorian Care Medical Group, Inc., Los Angeles Victorian Care has two large medical clinics in the greater Los Angeles area. The clinics have 8000 active patients. He is also Chairman/CEO, Global Care Medical Group IPA, Inc., Los Angeles, California .

Oversee and supervise the management of 4000 physician practices (primary care and specialists) in twenty-five hospitals regions throughout Southern California in an independent physician association (IPA) setting with 350,000.00 patient members.

Oversee and supervise the provision of comprehensive medical services for all people in the various Los Angeles communities with a gross budget $150 million. Dr Anakwenze holds the traditional title of Onowu Abagana (Traditional Prime Minister) Traditional Prime Minister not ruler. also resides in Califrnia and Abagana Anambra State Nigeria.

My Vision for Nigeria

  • Real Change, Better Service

    Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze entered politics to make change that would better serve all Nigerians. Through his many community development involvement, he built a community-based, grassroots campaign that he believes is a winning formula for the upcoming election. In his opinion:

  • True Democracy,True Freedom

    We want a true democracy, which means freedom for fellow Nigerians and by extension, Africa, as a whole. We want democracy and fair play for all. We do not believe or promote religious-based politics and/or ideology. We want a Nigeria where the majority’s right is balanced with the minority’s right. A true Nigerian experiment, inclusive of all Nigerians regardless of their section of origin.

  • Rebuild our economy, 24/7 Electricity

    Work aggressively towards creating a Nigeria where people would enjoy 24/7 electric and renewable energy, solar, wind and biomass.

    Total focus on growing the economy by creating green jobs that help in fighting climate crisis.

  • Empower Private Sector,Create Jobs

    Create jobs and utilize all the God given endowment for the good of Nigeria and Africans.

HOPE 2023 Reality

  • Restructure Nigeria

    Implement restructuring, regionalization and devolution of powers expressed in a new Nigerian constitution.

  • Recover Our Lost Glory: Agriculural Sector

    Recognize agriculture as a key to sustainable growth and development.

    Revive and revitalize the agricultural sector as a source of food for the teeming population of Nigerians as a major export and foreign exchange earner and the primary source of industrial raw materials”, the seasoned American trained medical Doctor added.

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