An Address on Hope for Nigeria Presented by Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze, to Nigerians

  • An Address on Hope for Nigeria Presented by Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze, to Nigerians

An Address on Hope for Nigeria Presented by Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze, to Nigerians. Nigerian Inter- Ethnic Nationalities dialogue on May, 27, 2022



 We want a true democracy in Nigeria beginning with freedom for fellow Nigeians and by extension, Africa, as a whole.  We want Nigeria where the various ethnic groups feel that they have a stake in the future of the country. We envision a Nigeria where leadership is based on merit; hard work, fairness for all and accountability the measure of our national character.

We envision a United Nigeria in a true sense of the word "United", where every Nigerian feels a sense of belonging and not marginalized. Where the governed have trust in the governance and the governed truly believe that they can vote, and be voted in to serve understand the true meaning of "public trust" .

 We want a country where regardless of one's ethnic and/or religious background, they feel that they are part of the equation.

We envision a Nigeria where ethnic diversity is seen as strength and asset to be harnessed and celebrated as part of our rich heritage.  

 We want a country where Equity, Fairness and Justice should be the guiding principle for a just society that we envision.  We want a Nigeria where the majority’s right is balanced with the minority’s right.

Nigerians should believe in healthy competitive excellence that is the hallmark of great nations.  Let’s make our children superstars through competitions and excellence with the rest of the world. Our children are equal to the task of making Nigeria great. Nigerian children in America rank between 1%-5% in academics or job performances. Our children are equal to the task. They only need our support and encouragement.

 We need a Nigerian nation were North and South, Christian and Moslem love each other. God said love your neighbour as yourself. 

God blessed Nigeria with Human, Mineral and Natural resources. We have all kinds of foods:  rice, beans, yam, plantain banana, plantain, wheat, millet, ginger, garlic, palm oil, ground nut, animals such as fish, chickens, goats and cows.  We have been blessed with solid minerals such as Iron, tin, copper, silver, diamond, gold, bauxite rock (Aluminum).   

Nigeria has 12 gifts fron God, Europe 4, America 4 and Japan zero in terms of natural endowment. American and Europeans are dying from Covid 19 at about 3000 per day but Nigeria has almost zero deaths.  There are no natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, wild fires and massive flood in Nigerian.  Nigeria is truly blessed by God but our only problem is lack of good leaders. We have the worst leaders in this world. Nigeria is presently a failed State.  We need good leadership to make Nigeria into what God intended for us. -----A major world power.

Are you happy with Nigeria present bad leaders and leadership? Are you happy with the Nigerian State of economy, security, corruption, education (constant strikes), poor healthcare system or the future prospect of your children?

With respect to our youths, one of the major determinants of good governance and sustainable development is the extent to which the government is able to create an enabling environment for its human capital development.

 The reality about Nigeria is that, in spite of the cost of formal education and its attendant difficulties, the prospect of employment is less promising. Overall, there is an obvious mismatch between the university graduate turnout rate and the graduate employment rate in Nigeria thus reinforcing that sense of hopelessness amongst the youth and increase in criminal activities.

This is why youth development is a priority for us. It has been our vision to continue to stress the need for youth development in the areas of character education, building and remolding of the future workforce.  Our Nigerian youth are brilliant, very talented and very good with computers but they need our help.

Our present generation of youths have been destroyed by our current corrupt system of government and they are working on destroying future grand children or our great grandchildren.

I am a simple man that is driven by the desire to give the youth, the nation’s children who we growing up a sense of self-worth and the believe that the sky is the limit when it comes to the ability to excel.

 It’s always good to take a stand for what you believe in. Our country is snappishly divided across sections.  It’s time we reflect on the great Martin Luther King Juniors quote; “we either succeed together as brothers and sisters, or perish together as fool”.


 We want a true democracy in Nigeria beginning with freedom for fellow Nigeians and by extension, Africa, as a whole.  We want Nigeria where the various ethnic groups feel that they have a stake in the future of the country. We envision a Nigeria where leadership is based on merit; hard work, fairness for all and accountability the measure of our national character.




Our agenda is simple. We will break down all the barriers that hold any Nigerian from achieving their dreams. If our goal is "One United Nigeria", irrespective of what part of Nigeria one comes from, your religion and /or creed, our movement stands with you.

Our movement calls for a clean, credible person of substance that is tribal blind to lead Nigeria to a successful and prosperous future.   People see Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze as that person; the "HOPE FOR NIGERIA".  



  1. We want a President that will strive to eliminate of corruption by “you chop, I chop politicians” and civil servants. We must stop the cut, chop and share of the political looting system.  This is why investors are staying away from Nigeria and going to other countries.
  1. The development of real security throughout Nigeria.  We will start with dialog and proceed to aggressive force if needed.  We need to better train and equip our security personal. We need to use security intelligence mechanism to pursue the bandits and terrorist. We will upgrade and train the security personnel as needed.  We will utilize modern technology such as helicopter and armed drones to fight these terrorists.
  1. Hope for a President that will focus on youth and women development and hands on empowerment and harness our natural resources for the benefit of all Nigerians. We will make education affordable and free, when possible, to the youths. We will provide skilled acquisition training everywhere for people who want hand skills and don’t want tertiary education for free.  We will have available small business loan for business entrepreneur   startups.
  1. Hope for a President that will make our schools safe, overhaul the Education System, train Teachers and provide conducive environment to enhance learning and maximize teaching.  We will make education affordable and free when possible. We will provide free skilled acquisition training everywhere for people who want hand skills and don’t want tertiary education. Our goverment will provide small business loan to purchase start equipment. We will make serious effort through dialog to stop work strikes involving schools because it hurts the education of our children.
  1. Hope for a President that will work aggressively towards creating a Nigeria that would enjoy 24/7 electric and renewable energy. Solar, Wind and Biomass (ie wood). We believe that the best way is use the  public-private partnership  or private sector to solve our energy needs. We would utilize a regional power system i.e., coal, gas, hydroelectric, nuclear and wind in different areas.  We will stop one centralized power distribution from Kanji dam for the whole Nigeria. Nigerian current power production is very anemic only 4 Megawatts (MW) compared to South Africa 58 MW mostly from coal, Brazil 175 MW mostly from hydroelectricity.
  1. Hope for a President that will create jobs and utilizing all the God given endowment for the good of Nigeria and Africans.  I will work my hardest to create jobs where there is no job, and every step of the way, I will work with industries to create internships that will help our young graduate currently roaming the street unemployed. We have to do something about our current unemployment rate of 35%.
  1. Hope for a President that will develop a world standard health Care in Nigeria. In our administration there will not be a need for Nigerians to travel overseas for good health care. We will utilize public-private partnership in developing our modern health care system. We will create a health care system with affordable health care insurance for all Nigerians.  We will bring Nigerians diaspora medical professionals to come back to help train our Nigerian doctors. In Nigeria. We will equip our major hospitals to the American standard of health care delivery[nA1] . We need to do something about our high infant mortality rate of 59 deaths/1000 live births compared to 5.6 deaths/1000 live births in USA.  Our life expectancy is only 55.44 years compared to 77 years in the USA.

           8. Hope for a President that acknowledges agriculture, is key to sustainable growth and development. As President, I will revive and revitalize the agricultural sector as source of food for the teeming population of Nigerians; as major export and foreign exchange earner; and the primary source of industrial raw materials. We will increase production of Cocoa, Ground nut, Cashew, Rubber, Palm oil, Wheat and Grains. We will help promote and supply Nigerian cows throughout Africa. Our cow skin will be used to make leather shoes, bags, purses and furniture’s.

  1. Hope for a President, that will steer the country towards rapid industrial revolution.  We will embark on sustainable energy development through public-private partnership (PPP) to rural, small-scale and large-scale industries.

        Nigerian need to stop being consumer of products only. We need to be producers and manufacturers of products as well. We have the raw material, why are we not making tires, battery and refrigerators? Why are we not making cars, planes, computers, ships? Our intelligent youth can be train to do this. I prefer private sector  or public- private  sector for job growth and business expansion i.e. refinery or natural gas export.  We need to do something about our currently high inflation rate of 20.32 % and high unemployment rate of 35%.  Nigerian Gross National Product (GDP) is only $429 Billion compare to $25 trillion for the USA. We have a lot of work to do.

  1. Hope for a President that will develop tourism. We have good beaches and mountains that attract tourist. Our cultural displays, arts, clothes, music and Nollywood movies are very popular in the world.
  1. Hope to get a President that will improve the image of Nigeria so that we will be respected all over the world when we travel with Nigerian passport,
  1.  Hope for a President that will implement Restructuring, Regionalization and Devolution of Powers expressed in a new Nigerian constitution

  My name is Nwachukwu Anakwenze, with Nwachukwu meaning Son of God.  I feel that I was sent here to do God’s work by helping poor people. This is why I became a Medical Doctor (Dibia) so as to serve people.

Through our Anakwenze Care Foundation (NGO), I have provided the following over the years:


  •  Water Bottling Plant
  •  Fishery
  •  Piggery
  •  Farm Produce (banana, casava, plantain, pineapple, tomatoes, Onions and vegetables)
  • I provide more than 100 scholarships to students yearly at all levels


Igbo Kwenu! Long live Nigeria!

 Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze, MD, MPH, MBA

IWA Chairman

CISA Chairman Board of Presidents/Representatives

ASA Worldwide Chairman

Onowu Abagana of Abagana Royal Council

Omeligbo na Aguleri

Ife Ndi igbo na Nri Kingdom

Ike Ndi igbo  na  Iduu Eri Kingdom

Okala madu na okala muo



Nwachukwu Anakwenze MD, MPH, MBA

Cell Phone 310-993-8053





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